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Scott Badger (
Thu, 3 Jun 1999 16:47:37 -0500

> Scott Badger wrote:
> > Reminds me of that old Heinlein story, where some foundation was created
> > covertly arranged the marriages of people whose anscestors were
> > breeding them for longevity. After numerous generations, it worked and
> > foundation had to explain to the subjects why they weren't aging like
> > rest of the population. They all had to keep it a secret for fear that
> > rest of the population would never believe that it had been accomplished
> > through genetics. They would assume that a "potion" had been discovered
> > that would stop aging.

WARNING ! ! ! Partial Story Spoilage "Methuselah's Children" ! ! !

The plot twist that had the greatest impact on me was when, M's children returned to Earth years later. They were still worried that they would be hunted down because everyone else still believed they possessed some fountain-of-youth potion. But it turned out that Earth welcomed them back with open arms. You see, the Earth scientists were not only convinced that an anti-aging formula was possible; they believed it had already been developed. So they feverishly worked to figure out how it had been done, unaware that they were inventing...not re-inventing. Consequently, the formula was found and everyone received the extended life they believed was possible.

What a great message. Humans have an amazing ability to achieve what they believe to be possible. Keep preaching the possibilities.

To borrow Brian Atkins sig line:

"It IS possible." - Vincent, _Gattaca_