Re: Cryonics propaganda...

Paul Hughes (
Thu, 03 Jun 1999 09:13:48 -0700

Scott Badger wrote:

> Reminds me of that old Heinlein story, where some foundation was created and
> covertly arranged the marriages of people whose anscestors were long-lived,
> breeding them for longevity. After numerous generations, it worked and the
> foundation had to explain to the subjects why they weren't aging like the
> rest of the population. They all had to keep it a secret for fear that the
> rest of the population would never believe that it had been accomplished
> through genetics. They would assume that a "potion" had been discovered
> that would stop aging.

This brings up the question of how such selective breeding would be determined. How did they determine a persons longevity until they actually died? And once dead, how would you get them to breed without modern biotechnology? Unless of course this breeding program was started in the 20th century, and this story takes place several centuries hence.

Paul Hughes