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Thats what I was getting at. Only about 35% of Americans have PC's (help me out with my stats if wrong) and most of those folks only type and surf to or porno sites. [whos "side" would they be on if forced to pick?] Granted, there's little or no friction between "us" and them right now. But what happens when we start making some substantive changes to ourselves? Will Pat Robertson (Jr.?) call us Satan incarrnate? Will we be in danger like abortion doctors are now? Will the annual Extropian convention be bombed by Anarcho/neo-neo-Luddites? Remember the Knights Templar?

And what about the 50% (?) of the world population who dont even have a phone in their house/hut/shack and worry about getting enough to eat? What about them? How will they react to a sliver of the population achieving super-human-ness through technology?

Not that I'm a pessimist mind you, just taking the position of someone whos read alot of history.

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> > Question: As us Extropians accelerate faster and faster away from
> > "mainstream" society ( or even more extreme, the great teeming unwashed
> > masses), how do you see society as a whole reacting to us?
> Huh? Society is catching up to the Extropians, while the Extropian
> ideology per se is basically standing still. Look at _The Matrix_!

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> So I really don't see any problem, unless you're talking about the
> increasing technophobe sector of the population, which will also
> continue to grow larger and more extreme.
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