Re: more guns and guns and guns and guns and guns and guns

Eliezer S. Yudkowsky (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 19:27:39 -0500

Al Villalobos wrote:
> Question: As us Extropians accelerate faster and faster away from
> "mainstream" society ( or even more extreme, the great teeming unwashed
> masses), how do you see society as a whole reacting to us?

Huh? Society is catching up to the Extropians, while the Extropian ideology per se is basically standing still. Look at _The Matrix_!

The Singularitarians are as extreme as transhumanism gets - does anyone dispute that? - and I'm as extreme as Singularitarians get, and I, at least, don't think your average guy is going to notice much difference between me and Robin Hanson. The Singularitarian philosophy continues to move substantially ahead of the "mainstream transhumanism" of Extropy, but it isn't moving faster than the general population. Even my own personal philosophy is moving slower than the ability of the fairly large "technophile" segment of the population to deal with concepts like, well, _The Matrix_. The general population, in turn, is catching up to the technophiles faster than the most extreme ultratechnologists are diverging from anyone.

I expect this trend to continue; there's an S-curve involved which is constant for any given level of smartness, and even the geniuses are starting to slow down compared to the general population.

So I really don't see any problem, unless you're talking about the increasing technophobe sector of the population, which will also continue to grow larger and more extreme.

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