Re: male mice clone

Jeff Davis (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 12:36:47 -0700

Thanks to our Nanogirl for this little tidbit, wherein we found:

>Researchers said their experiment demonstrates that cloning can be
accomplished with the
>genetic material contained in the nucleus of somatic cells, or ordinary
cells found throughout the


>Other scientists said the cloning of male mice from tail cells was

>!!!!!!!!<not a remarkable achievement.>!!!!!!!!!!!!<

>For example, bulls have been cloned using DNA from ear samples.

Stuff like this makes my hair stand on end. Seems like only yesterday, Dolly's cloning was touted as the achievement of the said-to-be-impossible. Now it's "been-there-done-that" boring. I want to put in my order now, for the Tom Selleck Model body.

The future is roaring into our lives like an express freight on a steep downhill, the throttle stuck in wide open. Some of us are on the train, some clustered around the tracks, some standing on the tracks, (some tied to the tracks?), and some only hear the whistle screaming in the distance. Hold onto your (fill in appropriate item of clothing or body part) folks, it's gonna be a wild ride!

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