Re: Yeah, guns and guns and guns and guns

Michael S. Lorrey (
Wed, 02 Jun 1999 08:55:44 -0400

dwayne wrote:

> "Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:
> > I'm all for it, so long as the opposing side does too. I try to never initiate
> > these things, but to permit unanswered inanities from the controller's side on a
> > list that is purportedly of libertarian bent is inconcionable.
> It is? Where does it say that?

The main reason there are objections to this debate is that most of the objectors have never taken the time to research extropianism in depth before they subscribed to the list, and many never ever read the FAQ. The rest of the objectors here are the types who usually play devil's advocate against extropian ideas, especially if they don't fit in with their statist mindset.

> I'm certainly not a libertarian, I think they are dangerous fanatics,
> but I'm on this list.

Then I suggest you read the FAQ and other info at the site.

> Besides: libertarianism is a *current* political philosophy, and I would
> argue there are better fora for discussion of current events.
> > BTW: Guns are, in fact, technology.
> But the Gun Debate is, in fact, politics.

It is the politics of allowing powerful technology be used by common people with little or no government control. I cannot think of a more usefull paralell to the problems we will face in the future when human level IQ desktop PCs and nanotechnologies will be commonly available and affordable. If we cannot resolve this debate now on the mundane technologies like guns, then there is no hope of a minimally chaotic future with those other technologies. Too often people want to just stick their heads in the sand because they don't want to do the hard work of thinking for themselves and acting for themselves. This is the root cause of further government encroachment into people's lives, enslaving them more and more, and is also why some people don't want to deal with this debate.

> > Not politically correct technology, but
> > technology nontheless.
> > Those that tolerate supression of such a mundane
> > technology like guns cannot cry and whine when the really usefull technologies
> > get banned by the same tyrants.
> Of course they bloody well can.

Not if they are to retain any integrity. If they enjoy being hypocrits, ok.

> > When evil men conspire, free men must associate.
> Blah blah yet more bullshit rhetoric. Can't help yourself, can you?
> Thank you for making everyone's point once again.

Thanks for demonstrating once again that your side isn't interested in debating to learn but to avoid debate in order to avoid the truths that you deny about yourselves.

Mike Lorrey