Re: Unfortunately, I concur, plus a second communication

Joe E. Dees (
Tue, 1 Jun 1999 23:55:53 -0500

> Joe,
> Below is a message I had written just after your first salvo in the recent
> flame war, but did not send. I am surprised and pleased at your durability
> in the recent remonstrations.
> Joe,
> I have on several previous occasions been prompted to write and tell you
> that I appreciate your creativity and your humor--basically to touch base
> and let you know that I consider myself to be of like mind. This occasion
> is similar, but the circumstances less pleasant.
> Your blast at the "Liberterrorists" was--what's the right word--justified?,
> warranted?, needed?, overdue?
> I have a similar, but unlaunched blast of my own sitting, as yet undeleted,
> in the out box of my email program. I didn't send it because I could see
> no purpose beyond self-indulgence. The assholes certainly won't change
> their minds or their abusive style, and engaging them in the horseshit they
> call discussion will just mean that it goes on and on and on until someone
> quits in self-disgust (and one guess who that will be!).
> My frustration began when the lynch mob descended on David Musick the
> moment he appeared (or, I take it, reappeared) on the list, with no more
> provocation than their own interpretation of his posts as "poisonous" to
> "the good" , ie, their own dogma, with the apparent intent of bullying him
> off the list. Their concept of freedom is the all-too-common
> freedom-on-their-terms version, which is to say, freedom for them and fuck
> everyone else.
> Now if you could just come up with a flame that would make their tiny
> little heads implode, then you would have something.
> I hope the future will provide a more "extropian" reason for writing.
> Best, Anonymous (by request)
>May I post your message to the list?


Here's the thing. I don't want to put myself in the position of having to deal with their hostility every time I post to the list. I expect that eventually they will come to recognize me as someone who has limited sympathy for their ideology, and none at all for their bullying style, but until then I would like to avoid their petulance and immaturity. So if you want to post my message of support of your action to the list, go ahead, but please expunge any identifying "marks". And certainly include this note to explain why I wish to remain anonymous.