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> > > > Slavery is illegal here.
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> > > Yeah. And concentration camps were illegal in the Weimar Republic, too.
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> > Getting sentimentally reminiscent on me? It won't happen here,
> > because our government is built to prevent it (at least since
> > Roosevelt). If we can kick Dick Nixon out, no one can stay beyond
> > eight years, and the US is like a battleship; it turns slowly, so no
> > one could throw the populace in camps before the honcho had to
> > leave (besides, who would guard us all?). There's something called
> > balance of powers here, too, involving an independent congress and
> > Judiciary, I believe...
> It's going on right now, and our Jews are called Drug Users/Dealers. That the
> gov't hasn't started exterminating them is a matter of difficulty in hiding the
> evidence, not on a lack of desire. The only reason most gun owners aren't in
> there with them is a testament to a) how costly in lives it would be to execute,
> and b) a testament to how law abiding most gun owners are.
That perception of the recreational user is being successfully challenged and changed, responsibly and by responsible people, from the inside (George Soros has been a big bankrolling help for the public advocacy campaigns), by means of the popular vote, which politicians who wish to keep their jobs eventually follow. They are already not the taken-for-granted whipping boy they used to be; six state votes prove that. To make the harmless users of mild recreational drugs (marijuana being the biggie) synonymous in the minds of the Milquetoast voting citizenry with belligerent and trigger-happy Miami Vice Villains would set that already achieved progress as far back as a Kill-Whitey-For-MLK campaign would have set back the progress of racial civil rights, or a To-Hell-With- Men-Let's-Just-Do-Each-Other campaign would have hamstrung women's rights. They really ARE out to get users, but let's not push the caution and care beyond the degree they deserve into death-camp paranoia or we'll just be reifying another bigotrous cliche. Let's not shit in the salad; it may yet be edible, and is smelling better every day.


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