Re: Guns and Slaves

Michael S. Lorrey (
Tue, 01 Jun 1999 11:37:39 -0400

"Joe E. Dees" wrote:

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> > > Slavery is illegal here.
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> > Yeah. And concentration camps were illegal in the Weimar Republic, too.
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> Getting sentimentally reminiscent on me? It won't happen here,
> because our government is built to prevent it (at least since
> Roosevelt). If we can kick Dick Nixon out, no one can stay beyond
> eight years, and the US is like a battleship; it turns slowly, so no
> one could throw the populace in camps before the honcho had to
> leave (besides, who would guard us all?). There's something called
> balance of powers here, too, involving an independent congress and
> Judiciary, I believe...

It's going on right now, and our Jews are called Drug Users/Dealers. That the gov't hasn't started exterminating them is a matter of difficulty in hiding the evidence, not on a lack of desire. The only reason most gun owners aren't in there with them is a testament to a) how costly in lives it would be to execute, and b) a testament to how law abiding most gun owners are.

Mike Lorrey