so now what? (was Re: capicity for violence = less violence?)
Mon, 31 May 1999 04:03:52 EDT

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<much snippige="in which joe outlines a, IMHO, reasonable and complete set of
weapon legislation guidelines; if legislation can be called resonable">

true, i think crocker, lorray & co. would say that "no weapon legislation is a good amount of weapon legislation", but... whats feasible here? whats the goal of this? are we discussing the best way to set up a future society, or are we discussing the best way to modify our present ones?

it seems to me that the discussion has gone off on a nifty spiraling idealogical tanget, which, while perhaps important and interisting for some, is easily be described for many more as a waste of bandwith...

so what was the scope/scale/point of this whole mess, anyway? there have been lots of answers offered, but even by checking the archives im unable to determine the question. ::shrug:: or the whole debate can be called a dead horse, and we can all stop kicking it. im content either way. the only outcome i would not be diggin is for this incredibly diverse and interisting list to die the slow cancerous death that 'gene seems to be warning us about...

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