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> >> I've seen evidence backing the increased benefits to society
> >> of gun ownership, but none for gun banning. No one has officially
> >> asked (on this list anyway) if someone knows of such evidence, so
> >> I thought I'd step forward.
> > Well, now such evidence has been posted, and since you don't like
> > its conclusions, you'll do your dead-level best to ignore or impeach
> > it.
> I don't recall seeing any such post, and I'd honestly like to see
> it if one exists. I did see the two URLs from HCI; they present some
> arguments (some valid, some not) for why Lott's study might be flawed,
> but I have yet to see any actual study that supports the opposite
> conclusion, and I assume that if such a study existed, HCI would be
> happy to refer to it. The only statistics quoted on HCI are far
> less rigorous and complete than Lott's.
Just as I said.

> Here's a link to a good discussion of Lott on Friedman's site:
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