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Sat, 29 May 1999 17:49:56 EDT

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> A government IS required as is control, people should
> determine what freedom really is. Without some form of governmental or
> legal control, the world and every country in it would destroy itself. That
> is why governments exist and were formed. If some people want to live in a
> world of chaos, murder and psychotic mindframes than so be it. It will be
> the rest of us that will walk past you when your unreasonable senses have
> brought you all to shoot each other.

hehe just pointing on that this was said, right here, on this list.... i really dont think someone has explored the reading list type stuff very much. the government debate has been hashed and rehashed on here several times at least since i was here, and if your interisted, check the archives. theres some very good, and maybe surprising, stuff to be found...

inside on waaaay to nice of a day,