Re: Guns [was Re: property Rights]

Doug Jones (
Thu, 27 May 1999 18:32:13 -0700

Joe E. Dees wrote:
> And both removing guns from the hands of the irresponsible (violent
> criminals, the mentally deficient and/or deranged, children, spouse
> and/or child abusers) and preventing them from arriving there is a
> reasonable, rational and prudent life-protection measure to take.

Joe, I agree that keeping weapons out of the hands of convicted felons is often a good idea. Many laws exist which purport to support that aim, but they seem to be ineffective. Do you have any useful suggestions on how those laws could be enforced such that they have some useful positive impact?

I gather the impression that, unlike many "ban the gun" advocates, you don't mind gun ownership by non-felons, and you own weapons yourself. Sadly it appears that most mass shooters are not convicted felons *at the time they commit their attacks*, and banning the possession of guns by _potential_ shooters would require massive infringements of civil rights- for who can identify a potential shooter? Psychological screening for firearms purchases? The possibilities for political abuse of such a system would be large.

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