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Thu, 27 May 1999 22:23:41 -0400

"Joe E. Dees" wrote:

> From: "Lee Daniel Crocker" < (none)>
> > Gun control laws are a miserable failure by any measure; one
> > doesn't need the Constitution to show that.
> >
> Notice that, in an Orwellian inversion, he labels those who don't
> wish everyone, including, children, the mentally ill, convicted violent
> criminals, and spouse and child abusers, to have the perpetual
> ability to shoot anyone else within bullet range as "the forces of
> evil."

The first laws limiting gun ownership from certain groups were as follows:

In the US, blacks could not own guns in many jursidictions under the KKK enforced Jim Crow laws right up until the Civil Rights Act, and the Gun Control Act of 1968.

In 1928, in response to 'gang violence' between Nazi and Communist mobs, the center-right elected government in Germany passed the first german gun control law, making discretionary permits and registration required at all levels of gun and ammunition manufacture, transportation, sales, use, and destruction.

Mental defectives or others under trusteeship, violators of a whole list of criminal statutes (even if sentences were commuted), Gypsies and other itinerants, those under 20 years of age, and people under police supervision and other persons who have lost their civil rights, were all banned from gun ownership.

When Hitler and the Nazis won 44 percent of the vote in the early 30's, with 265 seats in parliament, and the Nationalists had an additional 44 seats as well, giving Hitlers coalition a slim 16 seat majority, Hitler knew he could not survive another vote, so he had to have martial law declared. Using the 1928 law, they were able over several years to refuse to renew the permits of all political opponents and Jews, until in March of 1938 they passed their new Reichsgeletsblatt Waffenglets (National Law Book, Weapons Law) which did the following:

  1. banned Jews from the firearms business
  2. Handguns were singled out for special controls (just like the Brady Law)
  3. Nazi Party organizations were exempted from 'gun control' (just like politicians are exempted now from gun control laws)
  4. Anyone "who it is feared may endanger the public safety," could be barred from owning any type of weapon. (just like the domestic violence weapons laws now)
  5. It was prohibited to possess .22 caliber cartridges with hollow point, hollow caity, or notched bullets.( just like the current "cop killer" bullet laws now)

On November 10th, 1938 a German diplomat in Paris was shot by a Jewish political protester. This event triggered Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, where synagogues and jewish owned businesses all over Germany were pillaged, smashed, and burned. At least several hundred Jews were killed. The next day, the new Reichsgeletsblatt Waffengelets was issued, and Jews were specifically banned from owning any weapons. Ordinary Germans, who were now themselves disarmed, were unable to oppose the terrocrat activities of the Gestapo and the Waffen SS troops who helped the Nazi party regulars with running Kristallnacht. Thousands of Jews were arrested and sent to Concentration camps... you know the rest.

I will submit that this lends great weight to the argument that World War II and the Holocaust were able to happen directly because of Germany's gun control laws.

In 1968, Senator Thomas Dodd (father of current Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.)) was the chairman of the Subcommittee on Juvinile Delinquency, a subcommittee of the Judiciary Committee. Senator Dodd had been a prosecutor at Nuremburg after the war, and although it was not a part of any of the cases he handled, he somehow got a copy of the Nazi Weapons Law. In 1968 he gave this to a translator at the Legislative Research Service to translate into english. It has been conclusively shown that the Gun Control Act of 1968, that Senator Dodd's committee submitted to the Senate, was an accurate translation of the Nazi Weapons Law, as adapted for our different legal system, and was only missing the requirements for a national gun owner registration system and a national concealed weapons permit system. It was from the Nazi law that the concept of 'sporting purpose' was borrowed (and is now one of the mantras of Handgun Control Inc to condemn effective self defense weapons). For 30 years now we have been living under Nazi laws in this country.

So Joe Dees, how does it feel to be in the company of the Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan? You are, you know.

Mike Lorrey