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> > He announced his willingness, even his eagerness, to shoot people
> > in order to protect his right to possess the very gun with which he
> > would be shooting these people... All he has to do is mistake
> > someone's intentions ONCE, and he'll shoot them dead...
> He said he would shoot someone who came to take his weapon. In
> what way could he mistake their intentions? It is the invaders
> with badges and and a bad law on their side who are the agressors
> here, not our citizen, for whom you have not the slightest bit
> of evidence of any agressiveness at all (take me for example:
> I've said such things many times and will again, but I've never
> raised a hand in anger in my life, much less a weapon). If such
> a badged invader were to break down the man's door, announce
> himself and head for the guns, he'd be getting exactly what such
> a barbarian deserves, "orders" notwithstanding.
If he becomes deranged enough to brandish his weapon irresponsibly and threaten to shoot the general citizenry or actually begins doing so, is dumb enough not to realize that pull trigger = forever dead, or intent upon murdering a specific person (say, his wife or one of his children) then by all means gun his ass down, and pry his gun from his cold dead fingers, for he is an intolerable danger to his fellow citizens. If not, then do not knock down his door to get his gun; leave him alone. I never said anything about repealing the 2nd amendment, but irresponsible people (violent criminals, the mentally deranged and/or deficient, children, and spouse and/or child abusers) should not be given the opportunity to blow people away just to protect other peoples' freedoms (without life, freedom does not exist).
> Attacking my means of protecting my life is no different from
> attacking my life, and should be met with the same resistance.
If you're the attacker, you should expect the same; if you're likely to be an attacker, you shouldn't own a gun.
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