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> At 02:36 PM 5/27/99 -0500, you wrote:
> >> Only a tiny percentage of the population is composed of violent criminals.
> >> Probability dictates that even if only a small percentage of the population
> >> carries, it creates a significant selection pressure on the criminal
> >> population (do the math; while the percentages are small, there is a huge
> >> increase in actual risk to the criminal). This isn't just theoretical;
> >> there is *a lot* of real world evidence strongly suggesting the validity of
> >> the math.
> >>
> >Most of these criminals also play the lottery; if they had a degree
> >in statistics they might not be ripping people off, but they don't.
> Are you being deliberately dense? Since when was evolutionary selection a
> voluntary process?
Bullets do not delineate a coherent fitness landscape; they'll kill anyone, fat or thin, old or young, strong or weak, male or female, smart or dumb, indiscriminately. There is no selection going on there, for a bullet will reach into every niche.
> It doesn't matter whether or not criminals understand probability; they are
> subject to it just the same. By engaging in criminal activity they have
> automatically subjected themselves to these selection pressures. Some will
> learn and some won't, but either way you have fewer criminals.
I'd prefer not to be the dead body that points law enforcement in the direction of an evolutionary loser, for then I lose as well, thankyouverymuch!
> -James Rogers