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> << > My point was made from an individualistic standpoint. An individual
> takes
> > action for an individual's life. Laws are not individual action, they are
> > systematic violence (as I thinkwas pointed out previously). I do agree
> that
> > it is bad when the category of people you write get guns....but I
> definitely
> > disagree with your methods (law).
> >
> It needs to be done for the good of all of us and there ain't no other
> way. >>
> Well, I'm sure I don't need to mention the bells and whistles that go off
> when I read or hear " good of us all" : )
> As to whether there is no other way, I'm not so sure. I haven't done a large
> amount of study on the issue, so my objection to gov enforcement of such bans
> basically rests on my previous post's points and a few other things that I
> won't list right now (tho I suppose I will later if asked : ). But I'd like
> to hear why you think there is no other way.
> I'll confess here that I'm coming from an anarchist perspective, so you can
> better iunderstand my points.
> William

There has to be a central recordkeeping resource to ascertain whether or not a prospective gun purchaser is underage, mentally deficient and/or deranged, a spouse and/or child abuser, or a violent criminal, as well as penalties for breaking such laws, and enforcement of the penalties; otherwise they would be useless scraps of paper. As far as anarchy goes, postulated that you have a society of people with private property in close proximity with limited resources, and your goal is to maximize the freedoms of all, then your standard is that all people who are capable of assuming responsibility for the free exercise of their choices should have all freedoms that all others do, and in the cases of inevitable conflict, these should be resolved by equal and proportional compromise. Right away, you need an executive or enforcement branch to keep bullies from illicitly imposing their wills on others, a judicial branch to decide what is equal and proportional in each specific case, and a legislative to both set general standards for the judiciary to interpret in specific cases, and to enact refinements and additions so that the laws may evolve with changing circumstances. You will nweed a core document, or constitution, which clearly enumerates the inalienable rights to which all citizens are to be entitled, including minorities, and you need to allow the people at large to monitor the fairness and competency of those holding the positions whose responsibility it is to legislate, enforce and judge, and to expel and replace them at will; a popular vote.