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> Joe E. Dees [] wrote:
> >Just because you already have an avalanche is no reason not to
> >stop adding snow.
> Joe, you should really take a look at gun sale statistics sometime. You know
> what? You can tell when any new disarmament laws were passed, because they're
> followed by a big peak in sales as people rush out to buy more guns before
> they're banned. Anti-gun laws drive new gun sales in the US.
Until they go into effect. After that, things will more than balance out, given the passage of time. If such laws truly promoted gun sales in toto, the gun manufacturers would be funding the campaigns to pass them
> >Many gun nuts were bullied when they were kids, and now widely
> >advertize their packing of "equalizers" as a compensatory reaction,
> >even though the need for protection from physical threat is much
> >smaller in day-to-day adult life than it is for schoolkids.
> Joe also said, in an earlier message:
> >The very same tactic the Inquisitionists, Nazis and antiabortionists
> >use: First demonize those who disagree with you, call them villains
> >and consciousless subhumans; then you can feel righteous pride
> >when you kill them, rather than guilt or shame.
> Feeling that righteous pride yet, Joe?
The people who pull all the triggers are the ones holding the guns. Are you proud of that inescapeable fact?
> Mark