Re: Property Rights
Thu, 27 May 1999 05:58:08 -0700 (PDT)

Joe E. Dees [] wrote:
>Just because you already have an avalanche is no reason not to
>stop adding snow.

Joe, you should really take a look at gun sale statistics sometime. You know what? You can tell when any new disarmament laws were passed, because they're followed by a big peak in sales as people rush out to buy more guns before they're banned. Anti-gun laws drive new gun sales in the US.

>Many gun nuts were bullied when they were kids, and now widely
>advertize their packing of "equalizers" as a compensatory reaction,
>even though the need for protection from physical threat is much
>smaller in day-to-day adult life than it is for schoolkids.

Joe also said, in an earlier message:
>The very same tactic the Inquisitionists, Nazis and antiabortionists
>use: First demonize those who disagree with you, call them villains
>and consciousless subhumans; then you can feel righteous pride
>when you kill them, rather than guilt or shame.

Feeling that righteous pride yet, Joe?