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Anders Sandberg (
27 May 1999 12:41:10 +0200

KPJ <> writes:

> It appears as if Raymond G. Van De Walker <> wrote:
> |
> |Why don't we become a big hive mind, and then since we will all be "I",
> |I will own everything, and I can do whatever I think best?
> The interconnection between the parts of the human civilization will have to
> exceed a certain level before they form the hive mind. This has not happened
> yet, due to the low throughput of the current networks. You cannot use them
> as true extensions of your senses at this time.

On the other hand, the available bandwidth is increasing exponentially. Oh well, another Singularity-type curve. Of course, it is the bandwidth senses-brain (somewhere in the 10-100 Mbit/s range) that is the real problem, full borganisation likely requires much more.

> |Also, people have different genomes, and thus different evolutionary
> |accounts to which the resource are totted-up. Still, this seems soluble,
> |too, since 99% of human genomes are shared.
> I understand that all life share approximately the same ratio of the DNA.
> Some mailing list member with knowledge on this matter: verify it, please.

No, more unrelated species share less DNA. Exact percentages can likely be found on the web. However, as far as I know most currently existing life (with the exception of viruses and very stripped down bacteria) share the same basic "metabolism libraries". After all, life had existed for a long while before the archaea, procaryotes and eucaryotes split.

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