Re: Keeping up with the Joneses

den Otter (
Thu, 27 May 1999 01:36:17 +0200

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> At 12:56 PM 5/26/99 -0700, Eugene Leitl <>
> wrote:
> > > notarized and I'm set. Folks at the office were joking about getting
> > > me a special spacesuit with a built-in guillotine and a liquid
> > > nitrogen bottle. Nice to know they care...
> >
> >Stanislav Lem covered that ground with built-in guillotine
> >vitrificators in his diglators (crawl-in walking machine)
> >in Fiasko.
> Actually, there was no guillotine in them. It was whole body.
> At least, this was how it was in the English translation.
> But the concept should not be taken as a joke.

No, in fact it might be a good thing to see if something like a (semi-)automatic perfusion/cooling machine couldn't be made already (within reasonable price limits). It would certainly help a lot if the initial phases of a cryotransport were simplified so that all you had to to is place the deceased in a capsule, and push a couple of buttons. The washout might require some extra human assistence (plugging in the tubes etc.), but external cooling (and perhaps internal as well, using the cryovent cooling/oxigenating system) could be easily automated. Saves everybody a lot of trouble, and looks really neat (the capsule, I mean).