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> > > > THAT would be your answer to the parents????? "Suck it up,
> > > > folks; no need to be irrationally emotional about this li'l ole
> > > > aberration. It's only your kids lying dead in there."
> > >
> > > Am I supposed to feel like an evil human being because I put
> > > more faith in black-and-white numbers from a responsible study
> > > than in the lament of some sobbing mother? Well, then, I'll
> > > just have to accept that. My children will have to live with
> > > the consequences of what I do, not with how I feel. Sorrow
> > > won't accomplish anything. If that makes me inhuman, then
> > > that's one more reason to desire to become transhuman--perhaps
> > > a better-designed being won't be so distracted by emotional
> > > reactions from making the right choices.
> > >
> > > Wow, some actual transhuman/extropian content on this thread!
> > Your response may be clinically described as sociopathic, for it
> > makes no distinction between people and things.
> When I earlier said that one of your responses showed either a
> lack of reading comprehension or dishonesty, I guessed the latter.
> I now see that it is both. In what possible stretch of the
> English language can you interpret these words as anything of
> the sort? Where have I ever said or even implied that I do not
> feel special reverence for sentient beings, or that I do not
> suffer from their loss? If you read my actual words as I wrote
> them and not the imaginary meaning your mind is putting into them,
> you'd see that I not only treasure humans but human feelings as
> well; I just refuse to base decisions on those feelings instead
> of reason. If you believe feelings are not just a wonderful part
> of being human, but also a useful guide to decision-making in
> their own right, well, I have no respect for that belief, and
> we'll have to leave it at that.
Logic is the process by which, given premises, they are processed to arrive at a conclusion. One's shared existence with others in a common world provides the grounding for the premises. You can't be just Spock; there has to be a little Kirk in there, too.
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