RE: Use the force (Star Wars)

Joshua Clingenpeel (
Fri, 21 May 1999 13:11:45 -0700


I don't know about the whole "I want the world shown to me as happy and shiny; keep all that bad stuff away from me" pov, considering ignorance isn't truly that blissful. The Star Wars review was exactly what's been going on in my head, save the hype. The only thing that frightens me about the release of the new trilogy is that it's bringing out fans of the movies who seem more like trekkies - I'm not a big fan of trekkies. I know, Star Trek has been a bit more regular in its releasing of new products, but I kinda expected Star Wars fans to have a bit more integrity...I guess I was mistaken. Nothing personal. As far as the characters and acting are concerned:

The characters were interesting, fit the classic melodrama roles, and had decent lines. What's the problem? The only problem I had was that there weren't enough British actors used; the first trilogy was filled with British extras, who in my opinion have more pleasant voices - an example would be the pilot of Queen Amidala's ship, who sounds like he's from Brooklyn (maybe a taxi driver?). I'll quote a friend of mine who said, "People were going to that movie expecting to see the reincarnation of Christ." I'm referring to, of course, Jake Lloyd as Anakin. Give him a break, the kid did a pretty damn good job. So he didn't seem like the 12 yr old that Lucas was claiming, but he was innocent and cute, which will make his transformation into Darth Vader even that much more amusing.

Which brings me to my next point, and that is the aspect of the movie that I loved the most, apart from the stunning special effects. Dramatic Irony. Love it, can't live without it. I love being able to laugh at the screen when I know what's really going on. Oh well, I'll cut this short, but everyone should check this movie out, for sheer entertainment value, of which it has much.

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