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David A. Kekich (
Thu, 20 May 1999 15:40:40 -0400

Yes, entertaining, but did they convince you to open an account? That's the *only* true purpose of advertising. If a commercial doesn't convince you to buy, it flopped.

J wrote:

> You want to know greatness? You want to see creativity? You want to know
> people loving, thinking, and doing with a strong philosophy?
> Well, you got it! Merrill Lynch and JWT (the ad agency) have come together
> to really make something wonderful. They are doing EVERYTHING right. This
> is why the recent ad campaign of M. Lynch, "Technology," is by
> far my favorite. I am in love with this commercial. I swear it made me
> CRY! Job well done!
> I am sure people think I am insane for caring so much about this, but it
> matters to me. Seeing greatness, even in a commercial, is a highlight in
> my life. Please please please, take the time to view this ad, it is well
> worth the watch.
> Merrill Lynch and JWT present "Technology."
> (real audio is required)
> M.Lynch has two other VERY well done spots listed on their site. You can
> view them if interested at:
> Great commercials are my hobby. I research them and just love them to
> death. Smile. If you want to know of other interesting ad campaigns or
> have questions, feel free to ask. I have a ton of them and am creating a
> website called "Excellence in Advertising." Enjoy!
> Challenge me!
> Jasmine
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