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Thu, 20 May 1999 11:02:00 -0400 (EDT)

You want to know greatness? You want to see creativity? You want to know people loving, thinking, and doing with a strong philosophy? Well, you got it! Merrill Lynch and JWT (the ad agency) have come together to really make something wonderful. They are doing EVERYTHING right. This is why the recent ad campaign of M. Lynch, "Technology," is by far my favorite. I am in love with this commercial. I swear it made me CRY! Job well done!

I am sure people think I am insane for caring so much about this, but it matters to me. Seeing greatness, even in a commercial, is a highlight in my life. Please please please, take the time to view this ad, it is well worth the watch.

Merrill Lynch and JWT present "Technology."

(real audio is required)

M.Lynch has two other VERY well done spots listed on their site. You can view them if interested at:

Great commercials are my hobby. I research them and just love them to death. Smile. If you want to know of other interesting ad campaigns or have questions, feel free to ask. I have a ton of them and am creating a website called "Excellence in Advertising." Enjoy!

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