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What's the name, content and lawful use of this drug? Not FDA approved I assume?
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>If this is accurate, this will be a nice addition to the chemical

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I was watching "Sci-Tech" on the Discovery channel this weekend and saw something cool. They have developed a new medication for people with narcolepsy (sp) that allows them to stay awake for 12 hours per dose. The Army ran some tests on it and found that troops given the drug can stay alert up to 72 hours without sleep!
A group of solders were given repetitive tasks to do on a computer during the study to test their mental alertness, and it was shown that although they began to feel physically tired after about 24-30 hours, their decision making ability did not start to degrade until the third day without sleep.
Some researchers are concerned that long term exposer to the drug will interfere with normal sleep cycles, but so far no adverse side effects have been found.

Pretty cool, eh?