Re: Runaway Intelligence Seeks Outlet

Ishmael Abd-er-Rahman (
Sat, 15 May 1999 12:46:04 -0700


On Fri, 14 May 1999 22:11:58   Gina Miller wrote:

>Can you put words to these ideas? Your request for assistance might be
>reached better if put into detail.
>Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
>>I'm always thinking of inventions and different ways of doing things.
>>I'm always thinking of new and more useful ways to think about things.I'm
>>always looking for new problems to solve, to keep my mind busy. The
>>process never stops (and I don't really want it to).
>>Basically, I have more ideas than I could possibly use myself. I think of
>>all kinds of inventions and business plans and fun activities,interesting
>>problems, etc. I just love coming up with this stuff, and I can do it all
>>day with little effort.
>>If anyone could assist me in this endeavor, I would certainly appreciate
>>it. Basically, I want to go public with my ideas so that I and many others
>>can cash in on the investment I have made in my own intelligence throughout
>>my life.
>>Thank you for your assistance.
>>- David Musick
I can relate to your 'dilemma'. I'm 25, currently in junior college, 2 yrs out of the military. I have about 500 ideas scrawled out on notebook paper, thrown haphazardly in a worn folder, but still organized. Some of my ideas I'm pretty sure no one else has thought of. I've 'invented' products, mechanisms, and various devices which can all make life easier. I try look at things in twisted ways to see how they might function. Right now, I'm surfing all the UFO and ET sights, not that I care about the reported anomalies, just to learn the ins and outs of magnetic levitation, antigravity, blast electricity, etc. If my ideas have any relevance I of course would like to get paid so I can do more research. I'm not comfortable at all submitting any of my ideas to some fly by night company for a small fee, or going through the red-tape beauracracies. Any advice is greatfully accepted. Ra, the TransHuman Sun
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