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Gina Miller (
Fri, 14 May 1999 22:11:58 PDT

Can you put words to these ideas? Your request for assistance might be reached better if put into detail.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>I'm always thinking of inventions and different ways of doing things.
>I'm always thinking of new and more useful ways to think about things.I'm
>always looking for new problems to solve, to keep my mind busy. The
>process never stops (and I don't really want it to).
>Basically, I have more ideas than I could possibly use myself. I think of
>all kinds of inventions and business plans and fun activities,interesting
>problems, etc. I just love coming up with this stuff, and I can do it all
>day with little effort.
>If anyone could assist me in this endeavor, I would certainly appreciate
>it. Basically, I want to go public with my ideas so that I and many others
>can cash in on the investment I have made in my own intelligence throughout
>my life.
>Thank you for your assistance.
>- David Musick

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