Re: Property Rights
Wed, 12 May 1999 05:20:38 -0700 (PDT) wrote:
>Why so much hostility, Mark?

Because it would be nice to have a life where I didn't have to spend half my time working to pay for the policies put in place by well-meaning idiots and envious assholes and to be able to live in peace without the hostility created by those policies. Unfortunately I can't, because more and more of you always crawl out of the woodwork no matter how many times your ideas are shown to lead to nothing but a war of all against all. "War is Peace", right?

> I simply made the observation that people's
>hostility towards each other is responsible for most of the world's
>problems. Why do you interpret this as though I am saying you are bad
>and childish?

You wrote:
>Just as you can't peacefully take something from a child when the child
>thinks they own the object, you can't "eliminate property rights" when
>people still believe in the fiction.

You wrote:
>They wouldn't need the psychological crutch of "property
>rights" to maintain a civil, productive society.

You wrote:
>Mark, I don't
>think you realize how easily others can lead you around by your desires
>(like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey). You are actually quite
>helpless to resist those who offer you what you want.

Now maybe it's just that I'm not schizophrenic, but your four comments here are clearly contradictory. According to you, if I believe in property rights, I'm like a child who needs a psychological crutch and has no control whatsoever of my life. Gosh, how respectful of you. Thanks a bunch.

>And why do you imagine that I have any desire to force you
>to do what I want?

Uh, because you can't eliminate property rights without forcing me to do so as well? Because you can't have a society where everyone gets everything for free without forcing us to work for you? Because communism and socialism are totally impossible on a large scale without coercion?

>I simply
>realize now that my hostility is responsible for most of my problems, and
>I am working to move beyond that.

Indeed. And if you throw out your silly utopian dreams you'll do a lot better at it.

>It is in my best interest to help
>you escape the dangerous trap of your own hostility.

"You're inferior, I'm superior, I know everything, I must help you to enlightenment"

Yet you said:
>Another reason is that people waste their time reinforcing
>dominance relationships.

Pot meet Kettle. Kettle meet Pot. You seem to be projecting all your faults out into the world and pretending they're ours, rather than dealing with them yourself.