META: Diplomatic Comments
Wed, 12 May 1999 05:40:41 -0600

Mike Lorrey reveals,

"Its not you forcing your view on anyone that is offensive, but that your
view is that people should be forced to change, as well as your view that anyone who doesn't agree to be forced to change is obviously insane and in need of help. You are hopelessly infected by the statist memes that most of us here deplore."

I don't recall ever advocating forcing anyone to change. For whatever reason (perhaps you guys could tell me) I am being interpreted in a way that is very different from how I actually am. I have always expressed that I think it is wrong to force others to do things; I always prefer using persuasion and giving people what they want in exchange for what I want.

I never expressed nor do I feel that people who disagree with me are
"obviously insane". I realize that disagreements are an inevitable
result of having unique ways of thinking and having access to different information and ideas.

I haven't noticed that I am hopelessly infected by "statist memes"; I deplore them as much as anyone on this list.

I feel like a straw man about to be burned at the stake by you guys.

Please consider that perhaps I am not really the statist bastard you are trying to make me out to be.

Thank you.

first impressions are almost certainly inaccurate

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