Re: META: Recommendations for a 13 year old transhumanist

Anders Sandberg (
10 May 1999 13:29:13 +0200 (Randy) writes:

> So then you are saying that the 19 year old mind is less capable than
> the 16 year old mind?
> Sorry, but I disagree. What evidence do you have of this?

I don't know about Eliezer's claim, but the brain is definitely changing at this age. I wouldn't say it becomes less capable, it is rather a qualitative change in ability.

Very young brains are extremely plastic and quick learners - great for learning languages perfectly, understanding a complex world and generally building up a general person. The drawback is quick forgetting and a tendency for irrelevant stuff to overwhelm. As we grow up, our brains become less plastic, which is of course irritating when you want to learn stuff but also makes our memories more stable and enables more critical thinking. They are by now well informed and trained, which means skills can be applied to a much larger extent than earlier. Different mental ages have different advantages and drawbacks.

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