Re: META: Recommendations for a 13 year old transhumanist

Randy (
Sun, 09 May 1999 07:18:31 GMT

On Sat, 08 May 1999 21:31:53 -0500, you wrote:

I agree with Java as the 1st chioce.

>Ah, to be 13 again, and have a chance to study all the things I missed
>with a working brain! Don't forget to study cognitive science, too.
>Above all else, get some exposure to evolutionary psychology. Not full
>time, *yet* - if you want to learn the mental disciplines of
>rationality, the best time is 15-17, but it's a good idea to get used to
>playing with your mind before then. At 19, I know the next step to
>take, but I haven't been able to do it - if I were 16, it would have
>taken me a month tops. Over the hill. Sigh.

So then you are saying that the 19 year old mind is less capable than the 16 year old mind?
Sorry, but I disagree. What evidence do you have of this?

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