Re: META: Recommendations for a 13 year old transhumanist
Fri, 7 May 1999 22:55:04 EDT

If you need physics problems, get any edition second or later (they found most of the errors after the first ed) , of Haliday and Resnick's college Physics Text book. A great basis for physics, uses calclus where appropriate, has lots of good problems, some worked out, some with answers. Use Feynmann for the concepts, the way to think about physics. His lectures while very clear at times, are very deep. H &R, get the mechanics, the problems.

As for languages, for technical stuff, C, C++ seems very useful right now. Good luck.

Right now I am reading Greg Egan's "Diaspora" - its excellent. At age 13, read physics, code C, and read science fiction also, to widen your imagination.