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CHeck out James P. Hogan's 'Rockets, Redheads & Revolution' - just came out this spring - he debunks CFC vs. ozone pretty thoroughly in there. Also some interesting takes on AIDS and evolution...

Chuck Kuecker

"Michael S. Lorrey" wrote:

> Gina Miller wrote:
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> > Don't fuel emissions deplete the ozone layer therefore contributing
> > to the global warming effect?
> The ozone layer is fine for most of the planet. The ozone 'hole' is a
> phenomenon which centers around the south pole and forms in winter
> there, when atmospheric temperatures are low enough that ozone becomes
> unstable enough for chlorine ions to do their dirty work. The chlorine
> ions come from several sources, but the exaggeration in the ozone hole
> is supposedly the result of increased use of chloro-fluoro-carbons as
> refrigerants and fillers for aerosol sprays. Supposedly our emission
> levels of these are now low enough that the ozone hole should go away by
> itself in 5-10 years.
> The green house effect is a completely different phenomenon, reliant on
> things like methane gas, carbon dioxide, water, sulphur and nitrogen
> pollution, as well as dust particulates of various kinds. Its a very
> complex system which has yet to be modeled well enough to come to a
> difinitive conclusion as to the cause of, or even if world temperatures
> are actually rising. Most weather stations where temps have been taken
> are in urban areas that have seen an increase in temperature locally due
> to the urban environment development.
> Mike Lorrey