Re: HGH talk on cryonet

Scott Badger (
Sun, 25 Apr 1999 17:12:29 -0500

Doug Skrecky wrote:

> I've been thinking about possible inexpensive and safe ways to boost
> HGH, and maybe lower body fat a bit. The only GH releasing amino acid that
> is effective orally at low doses is glutamine. There have been some
> concerns that it might stimulate glutamate release in the brain. However
> the hydrogen peroxide scavenger pyruvate has been found to block
> glutamate's effects, and it also helps reduce body fat a bit. So perhaps a
> supplement containing glutamine and pyruvate in a 1-1 ratio might be the
> ticket here.

Thanks Doug. Do you know what dosages are recommended? Even if I do go with the real thing, I would probably cycle between the HGH and amino acids. Dr. Klatz seems to characterize Arginine as the more potent of the two though. Do you have any references for your statement that Glutamine is the only effective oral GH releaser? Theres another mail list I'd like to share this info with. What am I saying? Of course you have references. ;^)