Re: Gender importance (Summary)

Scott Badger (
Sat, 24 Apr 1999 13:06:48 -0500

> "Scott Badger" <> writes:
> > Undifferentiated 11.0%
> > Masculine 55.5%
> > Feminine 5.5%
> > Androgynous 28.0%
> >
> > So, Extropians appear to be strongly disposed toward traditionally
> > attributes, although a significant number are Androgynous.

I meant to say *mildly* disposed, not strongly. Sorry. Two new entries have changed the percentages to

U    10%
M    50%
F    10%
A    30%

> OK, we are biased by having a lot of males in the test sample (only
> two women in the sample of 18), but I think we can say with a rather
> high likeliehood that the percentage androgynous are significantly
> higher than in the mean population. Aren't they supposed to be the
> smallest group?

Actually I think Undifferentiated Types are in the minority. But you and Eddie Sullivan make good points. I only provided summary stats for a small sample of mostly men and didn't mean to really draw any cocnlusions. Actually, given there were so many men in the sample, it's encouraging to see so many andros and that the masculine types were not pathologically so.

> There is a psychology paper waiting to be written in
> this. ("Personality and Gender Role Boundary Transgression among
> Neophiles"?)
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