Re: Gender importance (was Future Relationships)

Lee Daniel Crocker (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 11:11:38 -0700 (PDT)

> > >>
> > (Fem 3.85, Mas 3.70)
> > That's me: 6'3", 220 lbs of bald, bearded femininity.
> Odd, did it acutally say "in the direction of feminine" or did it say
> "neither direction" or did it say "androgynous"? The relatively low scores
> and the small gap between scores looks more like "undifferetiated".

"Neither direction"; I just thought it was amusing that the Fem score was a touch higher. Not too surprising for me though. I've never been particularly aggressive or ambitious, and those traits seemed to be heavily weighted on this test. It was also a running joke with my last girlfriend that whenever we went to the theater, she wanted to see the shoot-em-up and I wanted to see the chick flick.

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