Re: Gender importance (was Future Relationships)

Scott Badger (
Fri, 23 Apr 1999 12:11:38 -0500

Lee Daniel Crocker < wrote:

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> Interesting, though I suspect not too meaningful.
> Does this Bem fellow have an agenda, or is this
> supposed to be semi-serious research (or at least
> as serious as it's possible for psychiatry to be)?
> (Fem 3.85, Mas 3.70)
> That's me: 6'3", 220 lbs of bald, bearded femininity.

Odd, did it acutally say "in the direction of feminine" or did it say "neither direction" or did it say "androgynous"? The relatively low scores and the small gap between scores looks more like "undifferetiated".

As for the validity of the BEM SRI, it is indeed a well-established psychological instrument that has been used in a large number of studies. It suffers many of the same problems that other self-report instruments do, but it has been around for quite a while (I'm guessing 15-20 years). Bem, btw, is a female.