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Thu, 22 Apr 1999 20:55:51 PDT

Wow, okay.(I'll give you the benefit of the doubt Eric!!) I interpreted your message as sex will become irrelevent and we should focus on other things. I am a person who focuses on a variety of things, and on ocassion intertwines a few together. As was the idea of nanorgasm.
This was my idea in a more elaborated text. To nail it down to the precise location in the body responsible for the "orgasm" and utilize this knowledge in future nanoscale technology. For example there may be groups in research areas (as there are in many fields including sex today) in the future that use this sort of manipulation to extend the sense. The Human Geneome Project is a group that is laying out the map to sequence the entire human genome. Could there be another group like this, to "project" the entire make up of a person's activities in life including sexually. These attributes could be manipulated and intertwined with other peak interests for a more severe effect. Or perhaps just to raise the level of effect, to heighten the sensation.
Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

>You have the right person now, but you don't have me pegged right. I
>said I disliked sex. I love sexual pleasure, as anyone who knows me
>I just dn't think that we need to assume that that which surpasses
all other
>forms of pure, instantaneous pleasure in our lives today will
necessarily be
>such 50 years from now.
>It's easy to become married to the thought of sex as such as it's
>well built in to our biology, but let's just have a little bit of
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>>Okay Scott, my apologies, thinking back on it now, it may have been
>>Eric. Sorry. Do you forgive me?
>>>Gina wrote:
>>>> It's strange that we are defending sex, I won't dare to ask Scott
>>>> or how he developed his attitude toward it, but your ripping
>>>> off!
>>>Gina, what are you talking about? What attitude are you referring
>>to? Are
>>>you sure you're not confusing my posts with someone else's? I can
>>>you, no one needs to defend sex to me. I'm quite the proponent,
>>thank you.
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