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Jeff Taylor (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 17:42:08 -0700

Interestingly enough, when I stopped smoking, I did so Cold Turkey.

How is it that some people can, and some can't? I don't see any reason why I'd be any less addicted than anyone else. Perhaps, I hadn't been smoking long enough? I was smoking for nearly three years before tapering off and eventually stopping completely. (winding down over about 1 month)

The trick I used was visualization. I simply saw them as something disgusting, a habit which was more like eating shit, than jello. So I stopped.

Jeff Taylor


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>From: "Nick Bostrom" <>
>Subject: Re: Caffeine withdrawal advice (was Re: Is Medicine Healthy? add
>Date: Fri, Apr 9, 1999, 5:02 PM

> Anders wrote:
>> While I agree in general, I wonder how to compare them - nicotine
>> affects attention, caffeine wakefullness and alertness, cholinergic
>> stuff memory, all have different effects. However, caffeine is
>> remarkably non-toxic and easily accessible.
> Do you use nicotine or cholinergics yourself? Is there any
> cholinergic that you would recommend? Deprenyl?
> I use nicotine chewing gum or microtabs, though only when I do
> difficult intellectual work. That way, if I were to become addicted,
> I would simultaneously become addicted to hard thinking -- not such a
> bad thing! I haven't tried any cholinergic yet. As for caffeine, I
> try it periodically, but I haven't figured out whether the net
> effect is beneficial for me. It seems to affect me differently on
> different occasions.
> Are there any other chemical substances or psychological techniques
> that you find particularly useful?
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