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Brian Atkins (
Fri, 09 Apr 1999 01:17:34 -0400

Hey anyone gonna be at NAB starting next weekend in Las Vegas? wrote:
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> writes:
> > Andy and Larry Wachowski, the brothers who wrote and directed
> > the new Keanu Reeves SF action flick The Matrix, have started
> > talking about sequels to their high-profile feature, according
> > to The Hollywood Reporter. Reporter columnist George Christy
> > spoke with The Matrix co-producer Dan Cracchiolo, who said
> > "already they have two sequels in mind."
> I'm fairly certain that The Matrix was pitched as a trilogy, like the Scream
> films and Star Wars. Some of the actors in The Matrix (and the new SW eps)
> have signed 3 film deals, as a pre-condition of being in one of the films.
> But the new films were dependant on the success of the first (and the third
> dependant on the second). Even George Lucas has said that if the new SW ep
> bombs, there will not be any more ( not that we have ANYTHING to worry about).
> William