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Thu, 8 Apr 1999 12:16:15 EDT

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> Andy and Larry Wachowski, the brothers who wrote and directed
> the new Keanu Reeves SF action flick The Matrix, have started
> talking about sequels to their high-profile feature, according
> to The Hollywood Reporter. Reporter columnist George Christy
> spoke with The Matrix co-producer Dan Cracchiolo, who said
> "already they have two sequels in mind."

I'm fairly certain that The Matrix was pitched as a trilogy, like the Scream films and Star Wars. Some of the actors in The Matrix (and the new SW eps) have signed 3 film deals, as a pre-condition of being in one of the films. But the new films were dependant on the success of the first (and the third dependant on the second). Even George Lucas has said that if the new SW ep bombs, there will not be any more ( not that we have ANYTHING to worry about).