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Mike Ducker wrote:

> Transhuman Mailing List
> Okay, I feel intimidated and not for the first time on this
> list...the obvious level of knowledge, academic and practical,
> that people appear to have is astonishing.
> One thing I think this list desperately needs, or at least I'd
> like to see, is details of the backgrounds of its' members.
> I don't know if you guys go for the faceless anonymity
> that the net offers...but I'd at least like to know who has
> a background in what, academically or professionally....

I'm an inventor,entrepreneur and "technological visonary" in Discover Magazine's words. My formal studies are in Aerospace Engineering and Physics (UW). No degrees. I also study and research many other areas of technology. I’ve owned businesses in boat building, contracting, automotive, embedded systems, other.

I have experience in 3D modeling and animation, machining, prototyping, electronics, composite fabrication, a whole bunch of other things.

Some things I care about: your mental health, your achievements, your future state.

Some things I don’t care about: your country, your religion, your degrees, your tattoos.

Most recent non-technical books read:
“The Common Good” by Noam Chomsky
“The Chomsky Reader” by Noam Chomsky

Longtime personal goals: to see the world as it is. To move into Space. To transcend current human limitations.

A few old inventions/conceptions:

Dean Drive type propulsion. (1965) (age 10) (note 1) Raster-scan atomic dis-assemblers, assemblers. (1967) (note 2) Digital storage and transmission of atom types and positions of entire human body. (1967) (note 2) Mass transfer via particle beams. (1967) (note 2) TSTO hybrid, composite, balloon-launch amateur satellite. (1976) (note 3) “Orbital Cables”. (1980) (note 4)
“Pellet Stream Propulsion” (the core of the “Interworld System”). (1980) (note 5) Ducted-fan, electric tethered camera platform (1995), in development Other things at IASE site in sig file.

(note 1) Everybody invents this, it’s like perpetual motion machines. (note 2) From a science class paper titled “Teleportation”. Several of my current projects date to this study, most notably my nanotech work.

(note 3) The first amateur rocket to reach Space (1997) used similar ideas.
(note 4) Now called “Orbital Loops”. Pre-empted on publication.
(note 5) Pre-empted on publication.

Some current and recent projects:

Designing a biomolecular/nanotech invivo submersible (one micron width, bilpid layer skin panels, kinesin drive, pilin harpoons, cilia maneuvering system, submillimeter radio, keratin frame) (IASE).

Designing a variable-geometry, HTHL, personal SSTO space shuttle (<200 kg empty mass, carbon nanotube/silica composite, combined-cycle hypersonic arcjet, seats four.) (IASE).

Contracting computer animations. (Interworld Productions).

Producing a television show about nanotechnology (Interworld Productions).

Further work on the “Interworld System” Space transportation network (IASE).

Developing a proposal for private, near-term industrial exploitation of Space (IASE).

Developing a patent suite in the general areas of atom lithography, Optical Assembly.

Building a business plan in the general area of molecular assembly.

Forrest Bishop
Interworld Productions, LLC
Institute of Atomic-Scale Engineering