Re: Nanotech has gone mainstream

Gina Miller (
Wed, 07 Apr 1999 22:56:24 PDT

The Foresight Gathering, for Foresight senior associates. (I am one) It's the genius weekend May 21-23. It's starts at 8pm Friday thru 6pm Sunday. It will be located in Palo Alto. The link on the gathering is at

K. Eric Drexler will be there, he is the chairman of Foresight.

Gina "Nanogirl" Miller
Nanotechnology Industries

>From: Spike Jones <>
>Subject: Re: Nanotech has gone mainstream
>Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999 20:52:58 -0700
>Foresight gathering? I had not heard of it. When? Where? spike
>Gina Miller wrote:
>> I agree. Are you planning to attend the Foresight Gathering next
>> month? I'll be there, with bells on, or something of that sort.
>> Gina "Nanogirl" Miller

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