Re: The Matrix (Open Discussion Starting April 9th)

Jeff Taylor (
Sun, 04 Apr 1999 16:20:52 -0700

I was a little upset when I watched the Matrix and finally grocked what the concept for the film was. See, I had already invested a year into a story board for a new music video which explored something very similar to the movie plot core. Not to worry, later the same day, I began revising my story board to have a optimistic twist. For some reason I'm drawn towards the more distopian SF worlds of bladerunner, logans run, terminator, etc.. but perhaps this is because I'm frustrated with the culture I do have. I had a revaltion that maybe my idea my start more distopian (reflecting the current state of the world and its bleak immediate future) and wind up in a much more optimistic future. Its about time people began exploring amazing sci-fi which is positive. What about an AI which is more GOD like and benevolent? Maybe we aren't ready for the REAL world. Perhaps previous civilizations destroyed the planet and knew that our punishment would be served in millions of years of AI evolution and conditioning. We need to evolve emotionally before we can integrate fully with our inventions.

I've read there is a very good chance that a superhuman-like intellect would smart enough not to be evil or petty. I find it interesting how humans manafest their dark/primative sides in fictional AI brains. How many super genius humans have been mean/evil people? Was Hitler a genius? or just good at weaving nationalistic rhetoric?

Why would super-intelligent machines not have sympathy for animals like us?



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