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>>> But an argument I raised previously when I argued that Zed and his
>>> varmint gun would be useless against tanks and mortars, but if we gave
>>> every Tom, Dick and Zed their own tanks and mortars that it would be a
>>> sad day for the corner convenience stores.
>> Hardly. Quite the opposite in fact, since Storekeeper Joe would have his
>> own tank, mortar and machine gun emplacements if he so chose to, or he
>> had an insurance policy with a security agency which did so. People are
>> the most polite and respectful of property when there are arms present.
>> This is vouched for the high levels of property crime in europe and us
>> cities compared to rural areas.
>No need to go to Europe to confirm that: just look at the LA riots.
>The only stores in untouched were those Korean-owned shops who had
>armed owners outside to keep the looters at a distance.
This only works if the store(keeper) has superior firepower, not a part of the "everyone gets tanks and mortars" model.
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