Re: Immortalist Qualms about Cosmetic Surgery?

Michael Love (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 15:23:55 -0400

First, I'll introduce myself as proclus (url below).

This is something that I've thought about. I'm trying to track the
effects of my life extension regimen. Therefore, I don't want to cover
up the short comings of my program. In other words, if I age, I want to
see it. I don't want my aging to be hidden like a viper in a bush.

For this reason, I'm avoiding cosmetic surgery, inhibitors, and any
other superficial technique. Heck, I'm even squeamish about

Whatever we do, we are risking that it will interfere with future
rejuvenating technologies. Technologies can be incompatible with each
other. There can be harmful drug interactions. The less you do, the
better. You have to balance the risk. Do I take the risk on
technologies that will give me life extending results today, or do I
risk on technologies that will only give me superficial results (like
viagra). I agree with Katie K.

surfing the cryo-stream

BTW, I hate to be a crank, but I find all this talk of cryonics quite
boring. Fighting entropy with a nitrogen bath is a little extreme,
don't you think? Can you really live life in a zero entropy
environment? What about all of the body processes that are entropy
driven, like the life sustaining concentration gradients, and some
important biochemical interactions? The real fact is, without entropy,
we don't exist. Life gets pretty monotonous in a nitrogen bath. ;-} wrote:
> Howdy, 'Tropes,
> I seem to remember a moment in Linda Nagata's novel _Tech Heaven_ in which
> we are told that the protagonist Katie Kishida has refused to undergo any
> kind of cosmetic surgery for fear that it would interfere with
> rejuvination protocols in some unspecified way. Any ideas out there about
> what she might have in mind?
> Best, Dale
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