Re: Re: Immortalist Qualms about Cosmetic Surgery?
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:55:10 EDT

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>I'm trying to track the
>effects of my life extension regimen. Therefore, I don't want to cover
>up the short comings of my program. In other words, if I age, I want to
>see it. I don't want my aging to be hidden like a viper in a bush.
>For this reason, I'm avoiding cosmetic surgery, inhibitors, and any
>other superficial technique. Heck, I'm even squeamish about

You would have a angioplasty or bypass though, one would hope..

Look, if improvements in your physique, such as face lifts, hip replacements,
cosmetic surgery, Chanel moisturizer, or any other now-on-the-market-anti-
aging methods actually interfere, in some scientifically-proven way, with
some later medical breakthrough, OK. I believe that is what the original post
was inquiring about...
It did happen that certain AIDS medications *did* in fact preclude the use of
later inhibitors, so it is possible... but I don't think letting your roots
grow in grey or letting your skin sag has much to do -one way or the other-
with life extension as I understand it.. as well, I think that the medically
enduced efforts of a person to look young, feel young, and remain culturally
attractive, can only enhance how one feels about one's self, enhancing one's
sex life.. job opportunities... all that good stuff...
my take on all of this is that life's length is not ultimately the goal, but
it's quality and amount one can get out of it.
Plus it's promoting your self as a transhuman..
I favor enhancements of quality and excellence of the human condition of all
type, including surgery and artifice.