Re: Cryonics

Dan Clemmensen (
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 19:11:30 -0400

Bryan Moss wrote:
> If cryonics became more popular than cremation
> and/or burial, how would we deal with such a large
> number of suspended bodies and/or brains? Are
> there any plans for large-scale cryonics?
> Bryan Moss

How much more resources are needed to support
a suspended body thatn a buried corpse? In the US,
each corpse gets its own plot (many variations, but this
is the norm) while a cryonaut gets shelf-space. At a
guess, the cryonaut's real-estate usage will average less
than the usage of the typical US corpse. Furthermore, the
cryonaut is financially responsible for the maintanence
expenses, so there should additional burden to society.