Re: Cryonics

Derek Strong (
Fri, 5 Jun 1998 18:13:25 -0700

Bryan Moss writes:

>If cryonics became more popular than cremation
>and/or burial, how would we deal with such a large
>number of suspended bodies and/or brains? Are
>there any plans for large-scale cryonics?

Yes. Cryonics companies want to grow, and they have lots of plans for
how to spend the money and how to scale up. The real problem seems to
come if we see rapid, unexpected growth. Even with the additional
capital that would come from increased memberships and cryonic
suspensions, it will take time to convert the additional income into
additional manpower. (Facilities are not the problem. It's getting
enough skilled labor to do all those potential suspensions.)

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